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Rossin Wood

The man with the plan, Rossin is a hardworking team-member with a passion for the industry. He enjoys long walks to the grip truck, and lunches near the taco cart.


Specializes in Gaffer, Key Grip, and Grip positions



Nelson Mestril

With an eye for camera, Nelson is a light-hearted and creative team-member that can make any shot look stunning. Rumor is, he's never frowned on set. Ever.


Specialized in DP, Cam. Op., and AC positions.



Zachary Kangas

Sharp as a tack, Zachary is a dedicated and keen team-member who loves to tinker and engineer solutions. No matter what's the lighting problem, he can solve it.


Specializes in Gaffer, Key Grip, and Electric positions



How we got our name


It was during the late fall of 2014, when the original Grip Cats team first met on the production for a feature film. The film was set, for the majority, on the far reaches of eastern Brooklyn.


Upon inspection of the first location, the grip and electric crew selected a seemingly abandoned backyard for staging and began load-in. Though it wasn't long before they noticed visitors. One-by-one, a horde of cats emerged from the woodwork and began investigating the gear.


The cats left no stone unturned -- they sprawled out on the duvetyne, used the apple boxes as scratching posts, and climbed the taco cart like a jungle gym. Instead of ousting the feline infestation, the grips and electrics embraced it -- naming each one either an "electric cat" or "grip cat". The term stuck with the crew, and eventually it became a way to refer to each other.


Ever since then, the "Grip Cats" name lived on.

Meet the cats...