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How we got our name


It was during the late fall of 2014, when the original Grip Cats team first met on the production for a feature film. The film was set, for the majority, on the far reaches of eastern Brooklyn.


Upon inspection of the first location, the grip and electric crew selected a seemingly abandoned backyard for staging and began load-in. Though it wasn't long before they noticed visitors. One-by-one, a horde of cats emerged from the woodwork and began investigating the gear.


The cats left no stone unturned -- they sprawled out on the duvetyne, used the apple boxes as scratching posts, and climbed the taco cart like a jungle gym. Instead of ousting the feline infestation, the grips and electrics embraced it -- naming each one either an "electric cat" or "grip cat". The term stuck with the crew, and eventually it became a way to refer to each other.


Ever since then, the "Grip Cats" name lived on.

Meet the cats...